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Perforating Blades

Plainly put, our perforating blades give you the most cuts per blade, improving efficiency and productivity while minimizing downtime. Each blade is manufactured from premium alloy tool steels and is crafted to fit your exact specifications. All blades are individually notched and concaved and then packaged for protection and extended shelf life, meaning your perforating blades will deliver an unrivaled performance every time. In addition, we will keep your blades in inventory, ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice.

Manufactured from M-2 high-speed steel or SPS Mark V (CPM 10-V) powdered tool steel, our perforating blades can be coated with a black oxide to make it easier to identify wear while extending shelf life. Combining our high-quality perforating blades with our tungsten carbide anvils creates a keen cutting edge that assures quality with each cut.

IKS can supply perforating blades and anvils for all types of metric equipment; crafted to your exact OEM specifications, our perforating blades undergo a rigorous quality control process before they are shipped so you know you’re receiving the best blade on the market.

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