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Super Abrasives - CBN Grinding Wheels

As you know, sharper blades lead to better quality cuts and longer blade life. That’s why our CBN super abrasive grinding wheels are specifically engineered to sharpen our premium log saw blades. Our grinding wheels are manufactured using a copper-bonded cubic boron nitride (CBN) product combined with the latest hybrid technology to deliver sharper blade edges while sustaining wheel life.

Our CBN grinding wheels are made in the USA and are designed and engineered to withstand the most demanding grinding applications. Each grinding wheel undergoes rigorous inspection, ensuring the highest standard of balance and runout (.0005” TIR). We also offer log saw blade grinding wheels for all makes and models of OEM equipment.

We know that frequent wheel dressing is essential to maintaining a clean grinding wheel in order to continuously produce sharp cutting edges on the blade, so we include the proper dressing stick with each shipped grinding wheel.

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