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Printing Knife Accessories

We offer a wide variety of accessories for the printing industry including:

  • Horning stones
    • 800 grit round stones
    • 1200 grit all-purpose rectangular
    • 3000 grit rectangular stone for superfinishing cutting sticks 
  • Cutting sticks
  • Drills for all machine makes.

Our cutting sticks are manufactured from specially formulated thermoplastic compounds to match the exact performance of your paper knife. As with all of our manufactured products, we hold our cutting sticks to close tolerances to ensure an accurate fit. We also carry a variety of stick grades to match your necessary application.

In addition to cutting sticks, we offer drills for all types of machines. Made from high-alloy tool steel, our drills are concentrically bored to adhere to tight drilling tolerances. The bore receives special polishing to reduce plugging and special coatings can be added to meet your specifications.

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