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Tissue and Towel Converting

An adherence to strict quality guidelines and the practice of employing highly skilled sawsmiths has solidified IKS’ reputation as one of the top industrial knife and blade manufacturers in the world.

We understand that knife failure can bring your tissue mill to an abrupt halt, so we continuously work to refine our manufacturing techniques to meet the rigorous standards necessary to keep your facility running with limited downtime.

Examples of such manufacturing improvements include advancements in material compositions, surface coatings, and production methods -- all factors which help you continue to operate without disruption.

We stock our log saw blades, perforating blades, anvils, circular slitter knives and other finishing knives at locations in Mexico, South America, Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific meaning we can get you the parts you need with unparalleled speed.


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Log Saw
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EXO™ Surface Coating
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Log Saw Blade Grinding System
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Tissue Perforating Blades
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Circular Slitter Knives
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