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Rotary Metal Slitters

IKS is among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of replacement rotary slitter knives for both slitting and side trimming. As with all of our products, we manufacture our replacement slitter knives from the best alloy tool steels and engineer them for your unique application.

Each knife we manufacture is hardened and tempered to ensure uniform blade hardness; this results in decreased regrind cycles, longer runs, and higher-quality slit edges. We use a variety of standard and unique alloy grades to manufacture our slitter blades. All of our blades are manufactured from forged steel and heat-treated to achieve the proper grain structure and optimal mechanical properties necessary to meet your slitting needs.

Every order for IKS slitter knives is a special application. Knives can be manufactured to your specifications with guaranteed thickness tolerances exceeding +/- 0.000040”, with surfaces precision lapped and polished. Slitter spacers are produced from Alloy Steels especially suited to last for many years of service. Tooling can be made to various tolerance levels to meet your most demanding applications.

At the heart of any spacer tooling set is a software program for building and maintaining your setups. IKS always recommends using this specially designed tooling set in conjunction with our SAVE Slitter Software. “SAVE” is an acronym for the phrase “Slitting Assemble Very Easy”. Our exclusive software package is pre-loaded with the parameters of your slitting line as well as all of the additional arbor tooling and separator tooling used on your slitting line. IKS will assist you during the startup of the slitter to be sure all operating personnel completely understand the proper use of the SAVE system, which will greatly increase the capability of your operations team.

If you need help selecting which slitter knife, we recommend that you should be using our experienced technical staff so that we can help you determine which knife will best meet your needs. Slitter spacers are made from bearing steels and are heat-treated to provide the ultimate in slitter tooling accuracy. Lightweight slitter spacers are also available in several configurations, including the lightest and most durable in the world.

In addition to slitter tooling, International Knife and Saw provides:

  • Rubber Stripper Rings
  • Overarm Spacers
  • Overarm Separator Discs
  • Re-coiler Separator Plates & Drive Rings
  • Hydraulic Jet Nuts
  • Plastic Shims
  • Knife Boxes
  • Tooling Storage Cabinets.

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