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Bottom Slitter

Want to ensure sitting line efficiency while reducing dust? Our SPS™ Performance Matched Bottom Bands are what you’ve been searching for. The SPS™ Slitting System is performance matched to your unique application and consists of a male knife and a bottom knife. SPS Carbide Bottom Bands are made from hardened steel-- complete with tungsten carbide inlay-- and are ground to a micro-finish on both cutting edge and outside diameter. The precision mirror finish combined with the sharp cutting edge creates a dustless cut time after time. Also, the bottom knife is harder than the top knife, preventing the usual burr from forming on the top knife during high-speed slitting-- usually a major contributor to dust creation.

The bottom knife companion in the SPS™ (Super Performance Series) Cutting System is just as important as the top slitter. Both knives must work together to enhance system performance and reduce problems caused by dust.

Our bands are made from high-grade carbide steel to give you 30-50% higher performance than any other carbide on the market and stay sharp for up to 20 times longer than standard steel knives. No matter your application, IKS can find a blade to suit your needs.

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