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About IKS

International Knife and Saw (IKS) is a manufacturer of high quality industrial machine knives and accessories.  IKS is a privately held, American owned company with headquarters in Florence, South Carolina including additional IKS owned operations in Granby, Quebec and Queretaro, Mexico. 

IKS industrial machine knives are industrial consumable items that are marketed throughout the world via multiple sales channels.  Businesses who are end users of the products will install the blades on equipment specifically designed for converting materials such as paper, tissue, towel, metal, plastic and rubber into a finished product or a component of a finished product.

Technology driven, IKS is a company that delivers value long after the initial sales transaction has concluded.  Sales engineers travel the entire world offering IKS customers technical service that includes best practices training for machine operators.   The IKS technical team consists of a veteran group of mechanically minded individuals who understand how to optimize the customer’s cutting process.

New products from IKS are constantly being developed and introduced into the marketplace. The patent pending IKS log saw blade grinder, was developed for the tissue and towel market (today over 50 systems are in operation) and has found overwhelming results. Customers have reported quantifiable savings that result in a ROI of 12 months or better when measuring improved cut quality, reduced downtime and extended blade life. 

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