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Top Slitter

One of the most prevalent problems in the printing/paper converting industry is dust. In fact, dust has become a more significant issue with the addition of alkaline to the papermaking process. Research has proven that poor surface finishes on the top knife and bottom band exacerbate the dust issue.

IKS’ Super Performance Series (SPS) Cutting System helps manufacturers make dust issues a thing of the past while also drastically improving cut quality. Manufactured from a powdered metallurgy, SPS knives provide an ultra fine-grained microstructure, which can be ground into the keenest edge possible. In addition to being the sharpest standard slitter knife we have ever produced, SPS knives last up to 10 times longer than other knives. They are also flatter than any other knife (less than .001).

The SPS Cutting System truly represents the industry’s latest technological and manufacturing advancements. They offer the highest resistance to wear of any steel tool yet can still be resharpened as easily as standard knives.

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