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IKS Can Breathe New Life Into Your Old Equipment

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The IKS Grinding System revived this customer's Log Saw by dramatically extending the blade life and increasing operator safety!

IKS has developed a variety of grinding systems to mount on various Log Saws.  IKS provides service and converting support to major corporations and tissue converters around the world with over 70 IKS Grinding Systems currently in operation. 

The IKS Grinding System shown here revived this PCMC 150 Log Saw by dramatically extending the blade life while, at the same time, increasing operator safety!  

 Log Saw Grinding System PCMC 150 web

The IKS Grinding System extended this customer’s blade life from a few days to few weeks!  The auto-advancing system maintains the correct wheel chord length throughout the blade life. This addresses two of the biggest concerns in converting; blade life and operator safety. Since all pressure and chord length adjustments are made from the front side of the grinding unit, it eliminates the need to reach around the blade for adjustments and reduces the amount of entries into the saw house.

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