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IKS' Metal Division Capabilities

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Take a moment to learn more about IKS' metal division and the products and services it offers.

IKS is very fortunate to have numerous field representatives out each week delivering a variety of world-class expertise to the metal industry. With more than twenty factory direct and independent contractors located throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, our hard working team of road warriors strives to deliver unmatched personal service to our customers.

Combining more than 500 years of sales experience with an average of 26 years in the business, the collective knowledge pool from these individuals conveys a unique resource for the customer to draw upon. Our team is skilled in many strategic areas, such as, selecting the correct tool steel alloy for the blade material, insuring the suitable knife goes into operation, thus maximizing the blade life and eliminating possible edge chipping problems.

Our experts can assist in helping to root out problems associated with blade clearances, offer advice at selecting proper rubber sizes and consult on knife sharpening. After obtaining basic information about the customer’s manufacturing process, our representatives will have the opportunity to ferret out potential cutting and wear issues and offer the best advice and tooling available.

In addition to our general knowledge, IKS can also offer customers in-house training for all slitter personnel. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about IKS’ metal industry products and services.